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Coron – Tour A: Last day in paradise

Both of us woke up early and we felt so much better then yesterday so we’re excited! A tricycle pciks us up and takes us to the harbor. It stops at the diveshop from yesterday and the arrogant French boy and his girlfriend get in. Of course we are nice but I’m happy to see that they get ushered towards a different boat.

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Coron – wreckdiving

These beds are just heaven… and i love the hotelroom. After a healthe breakfast we went to the diveshop. Gen still wasn’t feeling very well but  said… I can be sick on the boat too… After getting our gear we jumped into a small jeepney to bring us to the harbor. Gen increasingly felt worse so when we arrived we decided that it was smarter for her not to come on the boat but to return to the hotel. So I jumped on the boat nd waved her farewell.

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El nido- Coron

So last night we went out agan, to the now famous Pukka bar and met a ot of the people that we spent the day on the boat with..which is nice! First Rye joins us, then AJ, then the Arizona people from last night, the New Yorkers from the boat and our German friend. There was a big fullmoon party n another beach so the bar is half empty… we didn’t want to go because the boat leaves so early and we can’t walk home if we go… which means you really have to stick together.

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El nido- Tour A

After only 3 hours of sleep I woke up… My throat was hurting like crazy… I guess I overused my vouce by singing at the top of my lungs. I walked out of the room and when I got back I noticed the smell of alcohol that lingered in the room. Gen was still sleeping and I rad a little because I couldn’t sleep anymore. When the alarm went off we both got out of bed. Gen still a little intoxicated, got dressedand went to the beach to get some breakfast and a lot of water.

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El Nido: A day apart and together

This morning I woke early  as always..  Gen went out for some drinks last night and was still in a coma. I packed my stuff and safter a good breakfast on the beach headed for the diveshop. Since I’m feeling better I might as well do whst I love to do.

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